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For several seasons Topekan Ron Kohn was happy working behind the scenes in Heartland Park Topeka’s Saturday Showdown dirt track series, helping prepare his son Randy’s Pure Stock car.
But after getting a taste of driving — and winning — it may be hard to get the 53-year-old Kohn out of the 07 any time in the near future.
Now in his third season competing in the Pure Stock class, Kohn visited victory lane for the first time in his most recent HPT start, a win he’s still trying to come to grip with.
“It was my first feature win and I really didn’t expect to (win),” Kohn said. “I just wanted to try to stay up there close to those guys, but it worked out just right.
“I kept thinking other cars would come around me and they didn’t. I was like, “I can’t believe this.’ It was kind of surreal I guess you could say.”
Ron Kohn hadn’t even planned on racing until Randy decided to switch race cars a few years back.
“I’ve been involved in it with my son for five or six seasons,” Kohn said. “He’s the one that started it and I was helping him out. This is his older car after he got a newer one built.
“I never thought much about (driving) until he said he was getting a different car. He said, “Do you want to drive the other car,’ and I thought, “No, no, I don’t want to do that,’ and then I started thinking, “You know, you always wanted to do something like that, so why not?’ I started working on the older car and trying to learn what to do and what not to do.”
Kohn admitted that it’s taken time to get used to driving, but he’s happy with the way things have worked out.
“I really didn’t know quite what to expect going into this and there’s ups and downs, of course,” Kohn said. “Right now we’re enjoying the ups.
“I never really expected to be up close, let alone win one. Of course it’s always fun when you’re up front and you win one.”
The 2014 season has been kind to both Kohns thus far, with Randy leading the points and Ron ranking second. Now the goal for Ron is to continue to be a factor in the Pure Stock class.
“As long as I keep things together and the car’s going we’re going to try to do the best we can and stay up front,” he said. will feature racers throughout the 2014 season. If you have someone you would like to see spotlighted send contact information and details to or call Rick Peterson at (785) 295-1129 or @peterson_rick on Twitter.

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